Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to check Apple iPad 2 availability at Doncaster Shoppingtown

I dropped into the Apple store at Doncaster Shoppingtown to check the availability of the Apple iPad 2. The staff member told me there was a web site on a sign in the window where you can reserve an iPad 2 and if you are lucky you can come into the store and pick up the iPad 2 the next day.

Reserving the iPad 2 isn’t a purchase, but it doesn reserve a unit for you.

According to the sign if you are interested in an iPad 2 you should try to reserve one at 9pm. If you’re lucky you’ll receive confirmation.

I’ve been checking the site for nearly the past week at various times (mostly quite a while after 9pm) and so far I’ve only seen stock on one night and just a couple of models.


For those interested the site is:

Good luck.

Kelvin Eldridge

Monday, April 11, 2011

MyAnswers: Apple iPad 2 camera resolution isn't stated in the specifications.

The following MyAnswers solution 2090 is now available:

Something didn't seem to be sitting quite right with the Applie iPad 2 and the new cameras. When I checked the web site there were no figures about the resolution so I decided to investigate.

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Kelvin Eldridge