Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Office 365 Home Premium subsciption released but keep in mind this is for non commercial use.

I have to say the average computer user is very likely to be confused by Microsoft’s licensing. You buy a Windows Surface RT tablet with Office RT installed but it isn’t licensed for business use. My guess is business users probably don’t care and just use it anyway. If you buy an Android or Apple device you don’t have to bother with thinking about whether you can use it for business or not, you can just use it.

Now Microsoft has released their Office 365 Home Premium subscription which is $119 a year and at first glance there is nothing to say it can’t be used for business. The first indication it isn’t for business is when you go to buy and that is when you see the “Non-commercial use” notice. The software is called Office, you can buy it from, but you can’t use it in your office. How confusing is that for a user!

When reviewing Microsoft Office either the subscription based software or the full packaged software, make sure you review the licence and that you comply with the licence. If you aren’t happy with the licence then you may wish to investigate the options available to you. Keep in mind there are alternatives to Office, there are web based services and you can even purchase just the part of Office you need. It may end up being easier and more cost effective to simply purchase a single copy of Office, but you won’t know unless you review the options.

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