Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reminder: Activate Windows Media Center Pack with your product key

Today I received an email with the subject “Reminder: Activate Windows Media Center Pack with your product key” reminding me to activate Windows Media Center Pack. I thought this was weird as I’d already activated the Windows Media Center Pack. I decided to check to see whether or not this was a scam email.

From what I see this isn’t a spam or scam email. Just an unusual reminder from Microsoft for something I’d already done months ago. Equally as weird is if I follow the instructions provided they wouldn't work as described. I don't get to the "add features" form. A bit disconcerting however over the years I've found quite a few instructions from Microsoft don't work as expected and what I see on my screen doesn't match the instructions. It could however mean the difference is that I've already activated Windows Media Center Pack.

If you receive unusual emails from any source it is best not to trust them and to check the email out thoroughly. In my case I checked all the links and the domain they went to, which included who the domains were registered to. The activation key’s last characters corresponded to the key I’d already used and would be almost impossible for a scammer to know unless they’d already infected my computer, so the information was legitimate and unlikely to be from a source other than Microsoft. Even then there was no need to click on any link in the email. It does take effort to review a suspect email, but the time taken can save you a lot of angst.

Take care on the internet.

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