Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Microsoft DCCN - Friendly reminder on product launch opportunity

I received an email tonight with the subject “Friendly reminder on product launch opportunity”. What interested me about this email is it was unexpected, felt like spam or potentially malicious, but I couldn’t be certain. I was in the middle of testing a free method to reduce spam coming to my email account and the email was marked as spam.

Microsoft’s DCCN service is for OEM if I’m reading things correctly. I’m not an OEM and I don’t believe I’ve registered with Microsoft as an OEM. The email contains a number of links none of which are to a Microsoft site. Whilst I could be wrong I suspect it is from a marketing organisation on behalf of Microsoft but there is no way to know. The email was sent from the UK which in itself was strange.

I’m sharing this example as it shows that even I’m not sure this email is legitimate. In this case if I was interested in the material in the email my best approach is still not to click on a link, but to find the relevant Microsoft site by opening my browser and going direct to the site.

If this really is a Microsoft initiative they really should use their own domains when sending out emails. I personally am not going to take the risk. I’d rather delete the email. I’d suggest if you aren’t certain of an email don’t take the risk. Delete it. If the material interests you open your browser and go direct to the site.

If you’re sending emails to your customers make sure there is nothing suspicious. Keep everything simple. Every day your customers are receiving unwanted and potentially harmful emails that often look legitimate. Your email may actually look more suspicious as this one did for me than a fake email.

When in doubt trust your instinct.


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