Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dog Training Melbourne videos show the enjoyment of participating in herding dog training for owners and their dogs.

One of my clients had uploaded a number of videos to YouTube to show others the enjoyable experience of herding dog training. Many people own kelpies and border collies and these breeds are natural herders but don't often get the chance of take advantage of their skills and use up some of that energy they have. I suggested to my client that he have a site to showcase his main videos on a single page site. The reason is when you participate in large sites like YouTube you are one of many and it can be close to impossible to be seen. Instead turn the situation around so the main focus is on you and others can find you and your services more readily.

In addition using techniques I've developed over time I then assisted in promoting the site and gave the client a good presence on the internet.

The result. The single page website now generates a new customer every week. The client is happy and people and their best friends get to experience the joy of participating in herding dog training. Visit my client's site at

If you're using YouTube, wish to put the focus back on your and the services you provide and would like a single page site to give you a presence on the internet feel from to contact me.


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