Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coles flybuys - Save 40c per litre on fuel - Coles

Every time I receive a Coles flybuys activation offer I shudder.

The problem is it is only a matter of time until a scammer duplicates the Woolworths Everyday Rewards and Coles flybuys offers in a scam email. Because all you need to do is single click to activate the offer, all a scammer needs to do is to craft a flybuys offer with a click which goes to an malicious site and the computer could get infected.

Last week I repaired an infected computer where the business went to a fellow Australian recruitment site which was infected. The computer had remain infected for around a week so anyone visiting may have had their computer infected. Millions of sites right now are infected and used by scammers to infect people's computers. All that is required is that you visit the site. In this case the client went to the site after searching for the business using Google.

If like hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of Australians you receive activation offers pause for a moment. Check the link you are about to click on (most browsers can display the actual site address of the link – don't trust what you read on the screen as it can be faked) and make sure the link will take you to the site you expect to go.

To me it is only a matter of time until we have a massive malware outbreak because Coles and Woolworths are regularly sending out offers where people don't need to read much and only need a single click.

Make sure you check the link before clicking.

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