Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Google Chromecast fails the Hotel TV test.

I thought this was an interesting experience a journalist shared when trying to use the Chromecast to access online content instead of using the hotel’s more expensive in-room service.

The $35 Chromecast seemed like the perfect alternative to expensive hotel pay-per-view. Unfortunately, the hotel's Wi-Fi didn't cooperate.... Read More

Using the Chromecast to provide entertainment whilst travelling failed for the following reason. When signing on to use a hotel’s Wi-Fi service you usually need to complete a logon screen. With the Chromecast you can’t access the logon screen so you can’t log on.

The second reason the device may fail even if you were able to log on is free Wi-Fi in hotels is renowned for not being particular fast or stable. There’s a good chance you wouldn’t get the bandwidth you’d require. Having said that, if you can watch the video feed on your computer then there’s no reason you can’t watch the feed on your TV.

This actually leads to a very interesting solution. If you take a computer also take a HDMI, VGA and audio cable with you. Most computers can connect to a second screen such as a modern TV and output what you’d see on your screen to the TV. Big screen enjoyment whilst travelling, as long as the free Wi-Fi can deliver the content.

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NOTE: The Google Chromecast is not currently available in Australia.

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