Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Australian Dictionary site clobbered by Google.

Businesses often ask me for assistance on how to improve their presence on Google. I receive a large number of visits to my sites as a result of Google. I do however warn clients that Google can giveth, and Google can taketh away.

The following graph shows the traffic for my site As you can see the site was growing very quickly in terms of traffic. What happened you may ask. As best I can tell around the time of the drop Google changed their search engine algorithm. I don't recall making any significant changes. Traffic as you can see has fallen significantly.

Putting all your effort into promoting via Google I believe is a disaster waiting to happen. This has happened to me multiple times. Just as the momentum for a site is building Google flips and the traffic largely disappears. One person has said this may be a deliberate strategy on Google's part. The cynical suggest that by giving sites a presence and then removing that presence, the only option to keep a presence is paid advertising on Google. I'm not so cynical. Whatever it is that Google does it can make or  break you if you solely focus on Google.

Imagine if you've just paid a Search Engine Optimisation company a small fortune to gain you a presence in Google and then a few months later your online traffic dries up. All that money spent is down the drain and you're not going to get a refund.

When I talk with clients I give them the good and the bad. I've seen companies sell hype and promises. Marketing, advertising, branding and SEO companies. Their real interest is to make a sale. Make sure you look after your interests.

I share this experience in the hope that it assists other businesses make better decisions with their marketing dollar.

Kelvin Eldridge

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