Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Google announces end of support (Gmail and Google Apps) for Internet Explorer for Windows Vista users

Google has announced end of support (Gmail and Google Apps) for Internet Explorer 8 (used by Windows XP users) and now Internet Explorer 9 (used by Vista users). This means that an estimated 40% of Windows users are no longer supported using the Microsoft browser available with their operating system.

End of support for Internet Explorer 9... Read More

This shows how Microsoft have dumped on their existing user base in order to force users to upgrade and how Google is also prepared to dump on them in order migrate them to Google Chrome. Microsoft only have themselves to blame for their eroding user base and luckily for Microsoft the corporate world is largely locked into Microsoft products. This will I believe come back to bite Microsoft as the BYOD (bring your own device) approach means more people using devices not running Microsoft’s operating systems.

Google also isn’t the good guy in this scenario as they could easily continue to support Internet Explorer, but I suspect it makes better business sense to take advantage of Microsoft’s lack of customer support, and provide the ability for users to continue to use their Windows operating system by using Google Chrome.

Keep in mind you also have the choice of Firefox and Opera browsers should you require another browser.

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