Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blogger error bx-hg9hg2 whien using Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 7.

I found recently that using Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 7 to write posts in Google Blogger had become quite frustrating. I received the error message bx-hg9hg2. Checking the internet I see this is very common.

If you read the browser support documentation for Google Blogger you'll see Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are supported but Internet Explorer 11 is not. Google has stated they'll only support two versions of browsers and were very quick to drop support of Internet Explorer 8 even though it is the latest version of Internet Explorer support on Windows XP.

Google can of course to choose to support whichever platforms they decide to choose. If Google didn't have their own browser I'd be fairly sure all versions of Internet Explorer from 8 to 11 would be supported. By not supporting Internet Explorer this is the stick approach to get people to use Google Chrome. Firefox is often suggested but keep in mind nearly all the income Firefox makes is from Google and changing the Firefox default search is often not easy for casual users.

In MyAnswers solution 2455 I'm documenting tips to work around this problem. This post was written using Internet Explorer 11 under Windows 7. The image however was loaded using the Opera Browser. I've not found problems when using the Safari browser on a MacBook Air.

I use Google's services but this apparent behaviour is a real concern to me. Why haven't Google got around to supporting Internet Explorer 11 fully for Blogger. It makes me worry as to whether or not Blogger will continue into the future. If a company only focuses on its own products and not what the customer is using, then it is time to factor that into your future decisions.

I'm happy to use the browser of my choice, but I'm not happy being forced to use a browser as part of what I perceive as a strategic business decision.

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  1. I'm getting this same error message. It's not a big issue as I can still post on my blogs, but it is a nuisance to have to keep closing it every time I log into Blogger. I hope this is resolved soon!


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