Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Skype real-time translator English-Spanish is available for public preview from Microsoft.

Over the years Skype has been a very useful product/service, particularly when I've been travelling. When travelling I call home, family and friends using Skype to landlines. It works well and is cost effective. No bill shock involved when using Skype.

This latest feature isn't something I feel I have a need for, but who knows when a real-time translator could come in handy. I currently have one client who uses a translation service and I've shown a number of clients Google translate. At one time I used Google translate to convert text in another language to English, so even though we may not expect to use a translator, having such a tool in your bag of tricks can come in handy.

So far it looks like the preview is available for English to Spanish and Spanish to English for voice communication and 40 languages for text chats. It will be interesting to watch this technology unfold.


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