Wednesday, June 24, 2015

People unwittingly buying computers with very slow processors.

Lately I've been seeing quite a few relatively new computers that run slower than an average computer from five to six years ago. The one I've assisted a client with over the last couple of days runs at half the speed of my five year old middle of the range notebook, yet the computer was only purchased a year ago.

I stood in a retailer a couple of years ago and an elderly couple were asking for advice on the computers. They ask about the processor performance. They response from the salesperson was, "don't worry about the processor, they're all about the same in computers now", or along those lines. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Another client recently replaced their Windows XP computer from around 2006 with a new computer and asked the retailer for a very fast computer. When I went to install the computer it was half the speed of typical fast computer available now and marginally faster (about 10%) than the computer they'd bought in 2006.

Yes make sure you get the amount of RAM you want, the size of the hard disk, but also check the processor performance and don't just take the retailer's word for it. I'm seeing a lot of people now with computers that will reach end-of-life far sooner than they should, and in some cases are obsolete before they're even purchased. Take the time to check and you'll get much better value from your purchase.

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