Thursday, October 12, 2017

Testing TrackR Bravo device. TrackR Bravo device not being found.

A friend gave me a TrackR Bravo device to test. They said they were having trouble getting them to work.

The first thing I found on the TrackR Bravo I was given was the battery was dead. The TrackR Bravo devices had recently been purchased so the batteries should have worked. In the past I've found newly purchased devices have had flat batteries. One device even had corroded batteries, indicating the device had been sitting around on a shelf for a long tie. It's a good idea if the device isn't responding to first check the battery.

The next issue I found when testing the unit was the amount if time it took to find a device, even though the device may be sitting right next to you. If you're walking around the house looking for the TrackR Bravo this time delay means you'll probably walk straight past the device and won't know it's there.

Using the TrackR software in a certain way made the problem much worse. Before opening the TrackR software make sure Bluetooth is turned on. If you enable Bluetooth after the TrackR software has started, using the Enable prompt, that's when I found the software would often not connect, or take an extraordinary amount of time to connect to the device. Both situations means you probably wouldn't find your device. There were a few times even when Bluetooth was started first the TrackR Bravo device wasn't found.

Generally, if I was in the room where the TrackR Bravo device was located, BlueTooth turned on and then started the TrackR software, the TrackR Bravo device connected without a problem.

Overall, I felt in the limited testing, the variability of whether or not the TrackR software would find and connect to the TrackR Bravo device disappointing. I'd probably say not acceptable.

The second problem I feel people will have is understanding how the device works. The TrackR Bravo is marketed as helping you find your lost or stolen items. People may not realise when you're out of range of the item you need to use the "crowd" to find your item. If it is in your house and you're not there, the range of the TrackR Bravo means it probably won't be found.

When the TrackR Bravo connection worked, it worked well. When the TrackR Bravo didn't connect it really was frustrating. So much promise that isn't delivered.

There's one more test I want to perform. That is to use the "crowd" to locate a bicycle which will be locked up not too far from Melbourne's main train station, Southern Cross Station. Using the "crowd" to find a lost or stolen item to me is one of TrackR Bravo s main features. A TrackR Bravo as a single one off purchase for Australians isn't cheap at around $40 AUD plus delivery. If the "crowd" feature doesn't perform well, you might as well buy one of the cheaper Bluetooth locator devices that you can use to find your item using your mobile phone. These devices can be purchased for $10-$15. Let's see how the "crowd" test goes.

Kelvin Eldridge

Update: 24 October 2017
It's now been 12 days since I left the TrackR Bravo located in the city. The crowd feature has not reported the device's location.

Based on this test so far it would appear the crowd sourcing of the location of a lost device may be little to no value. It makes sense. If you have one of these devices do you leave the software on all the time in the background. I suspect most people will launch the software when they lose whatever the device is attached to. That means there will be very few people who will pass within range of your lost item to let you know where you lost it.

TrackR's sound like a good idea in theory, but in practice these costly items really probably aren't worth the money. For items you want to find close to you, much cheaper options are available.

Update : 4 November 2017
I must admit I'd given up on the TrackR ever locating the device, however today at 5:43 pm on Saturday the 4th of November the device was located at the right location. This has taken 23 days.

In fairness to TrackR this means the TrackR Bravo device has worked as promoted. I now have to retract some of my earlier comments above and give credit to TrackR. Whilst I could have edited out my negative comments above, I much prefer to leave them as this may reflect the experience others may also go through.

As long as you know what to expect with the TrackR Bravo device, you can determine whether or not the TrackR Bravo is right for you.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Compare Term Deposit Rates Calculator now available.

If you have money in term deposits, or even a bank account giving interest, then at times you'll probably need to compare the return for depositing money in one account versus another.

Recently I was moving some money around and performing the comparison of term deposit rates quite a bit. It can get tedious performing the calculation for each bank and then working out the difference. To make things easier I wrote the Compare Term Deposit Rates Calculator.

Whilst usually you're trying to work out how to improve your return, recently I had to move $2,000 and had a choice of two online savings accounts to move it to. One was paying 2.95% and the other 3%. The bank I was moving from, charges 65 cents to transfer money to another person's account, and because this account is with another bank, a fee gets charged. Fees aren't much but they do add up.

I decided to put the amount into the Compare Term Deposit Rates Calculator and see what difference it made in terms of return on the money for a month. I was actually quite surprised. It was an incredibly small 8 cents for a month. A dollar over a year. The return for that amount is so small it doesn't really matter which account the money was transferred to. Both the online savings accounts had no additional fees to transfer money to another account, so once out of the original bank, if I did want to move the money between the accounts, there was no additional cost.

Which account did I transfer the money to?

It really didn't matter as the return was so low. However I did transfer the money to the account paying 3%.

The real lesson here was to use the calculator to determine the real impact on the return so a better decision can be made rather than just guessing.

The Compare Term Deposit Rates Calculator is my latest web app. I write these web apps for my own personal use and make them available to assist others. I hope you find the web app useful. Most of my web apps can be found on the main page of JustLocal (, or you can go directly to the web app at

Kelvin Eldridge
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Microsoft Rewards point system doesn't appear to be working properly.

Microsoft Rewards is a system which enables you to earn points a number of ways such as: searching using Bing on your desktop or mobile, taking short questions, using Microsoft Edge, etc.

Today I noticed accumulating points through searches is not working. Neither is getting points through some of their opportunities presented on their Rewards page, but some opportunities to earn still work.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

Update: 20/09/2017
Testing today shows:

Bing searches Chrome on Android mobile working
Bing searches using Edge, Internet Explorer and Chrome on Windows 10 working
Bing searches using Safari macOS not working
Bing searches using Chrome on macOS intermittently works if searching from main Bing page, but works if searching from Bing search results page.

At this stage the problem mainly be for those using Safari under macOS. Whether this is an issue or a permanent change only time will tell. Although searches from main Bing screen using Chrome on macOS doesn't always appear to generate points.

To be specific, the rewards page does say for searches on PC and mobile, so that could be taken as not being on macOS and it's just by chance the Bing searches using Safari has previously worked.

Popular utility CCleaner contained malware.

According to the following article, the popular utility CCleaner now owned by Avast (known for their free anti-virus product) contained malware and affected 2.7 million users.

Anyone downloading and installing the software between August 15 and September 12 should remove CCleaner and install the latest version. As a precautionary measure also perform a full system scan using your anti-virus software. Then checking your system with a second anti-virus product is often a good strategy. Often malware which is not found by one anti-virus product may be picked up by a second anti-virus product.

For more information please read the article using the link above.

Kelvin Eldridge
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Domain renewal. Save money by transferring to another registrar.

One common technique I use to save customers money is when their domains are up for renewal, to see if it is cheaper for them to transfer their domains to another registrar.

Often the cost of my time assisting them to transfer their domains is less than the saving in the first year or two for Australian domains, and then the client saves money many times over in future years. Why? Because when they first registered their domain they used an expensive registrar which typically charged around $140 for two years for a domain. There's a number of registrars who from experience are just as good and they only charge around $20-$30 for the same service. That's a very quick $110-$120 saving. If you can do this yourself, even better.

Keep in mind often transfers are quite straight forward, however there's often gotchas with registrars systems and clients forgetting passwords. I generally transfer my own domains (I know my providers systems) and it only takes a few minutes. Some providers my clients have used have been quite painful. Whilst most domains comes across easily, I have known one which took weeks to get across. One of the biggest problems is when clients let their web developer have control over the domain. Getting control back from a disgruntled developer can be very difficult. Keep control of your domain, record your passwords and transferring domains becomes easier.

A second scenario you often find, to get your business a domain registrar will have a good price when you purchase a domain, but then when it is up for renewal, they have a higher price. For example you can often get a new domain from a leading provider for $19.98 for two years, but when the renewal comes, the prices is $33.98.

A third scenario is you've transferred your domain to a new registrar, but again when the renewal comes the price is higher.

For the second and third scenario you can often save a little by transferring to another registrar. For example, today I moved a domain from GoDaddy (renewal price $16.99/year for 2 years being $33.98) to Crazy Domains for $26.38 for two years. I used my PayPal balance to pay, otherwise the bank charges a fee as Crazy Domains is an overseas company, even though it is charging in Australian dollars. The saving is only $7.60, but since it only takes a few minutes, the return on my time is quite good. Also I have dozens of domains so doing this adds up to some good savings over the year.

Now it isn't just transferring from GoDaddy to Crazy Domains. Often transferring from Crazy Domains to GoDaddy will get a saving. Sometimes for some domains there's no savings at all, or could cost you more. I've been tricked by GoDaddy's special offers which ended up not applying, so be careful of special offers. For some domains there may also be a charge to transfer, so you really need to be aware of the detail. As crazy as it sounds, since registrars offer a discount to entice you to move a domain, but a higher price to renew, transferring a domain back and force between two registrars can get you a saving each time you need to renew. Yes, crazy isn't it, but it's the old look after the new customer better than the existing customer approach to doing business.

Finally, don't leave it until the last minute. Start your transfer two weeks before your domain needs to be renewed. If something goes wrong and it can, you need to leave yourself plenty of time. In the past some transfers wouldn't occur for a number of days, so sometimes you don't know what your domain registrars will do and it can end up biting you.

The good thing is once you've done this a few times there's money to be saved for minimal work, if you can do it yourself even better. For clients where I may be dealing with domain registrars and systems I've never used before, clients who don't record passwords, sometimes it may be just as easy and more cost effective to just renew the domain at the higher price.

Kelvin Eldridge.
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How much data do voice apps like Facebook Messenger or Skype use?

As far as I can gather, Facebook Messenger uses around 20MB per hour and Skype uses around 52MB per hour.

It's good to know these figures to help determine if it's better to call using a landline, mobile phone, or voice app. Often how you call will depend on what you have and what the other party has. Sometimes it may depend on cost.

Let's say for example you end up going into excess on your mobile data plan as a result of your data usage. A fairly standard figure for excess data on mobiles is $10 for 1GB. Obviously if you have plenty of data left in your plan there's no additional cost. However let's say you do use excess data at that cost then Facebook costs around 0.3 cents per minute and Skype costs around 0.9 cents per minute.

At less than a cent per minute, either product is very cheap to use. Either product is very cost effective.

The advantages Facebook Messenger has over Skype is Facebook is used by a far greater number and even if they don't have Messenger on their mobile currently, it doesn't take much for them to install it. Facebook Messenger also uses around the third of the data that Skype does.

Skype does have one feature I like when I travel. You can add a credit to your Skype account and call landlines and mobiles. Mobile rates can be high at around the normal mobile rates, but landline calls are very cost effective at a few cents per minute. Skype's smaller user base however does mean it's less likely to be other people's mobile phones.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Can't see the mp4 videos on the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader on an iPad.

I got caught out with this once before, transferring media files to the iPad using the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader.

When you insert the SD card into the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, and then plug the cable into the iPad, the import screen appears but it is blank. Nothing is shown.

The problem is the name of the video file isn't in the format the iPad requires. The iPad needs files to be named using the 8.3 format where the first 8 characters are what you want, followed by the dot, followed by mp4.

Once you name your files correctly, the files then show up on the import screen. Unexpectedly the files are imported and be seen in the photo app but not the video app on the iPad.

Kelvin Eldridge
IT support.