Saturday, February 5, 2011

Microsoft SBS (Small Business Server) 2011 just around the corner

Recently I was contacted by one of my suppliers asking if they could send me offers on Microsoft SBS 2011 which I thought was a bit unusual as I'd not seen any promotions from Microsoft.

However this did flag something I felt was important. If you are about to get Microsoft Small Business server 2008 installed, then you should really think about the timing. If you can wait for the 2011 version it means you get the latest software and don't need to pay for the new version, you'll have the latest version which means the value you get will last you longer, and you won't need to pay addition support costs should you wish to upgrade to 2011 in the future.

I don't yet know the release date for SBS 2011, but given the sales channel is starting to promote, that gives me a feeling it won't be too far away.

At this stage I don't install Microsoft Small Business Server in my client base as I've found installing a simpler lower cost file server to serve my clients needs. This saves them a considerable amount of money and keeps their IT environment very simple so support costs are kept to a minimum. If you have a couple of computers in your business and would like to move to a file server with the benefits it brings feel free to contact me. If you need someone to install or upgrade your Small Business Server contact me and I'll put you on to a business I know that can assist.

Kelvin Eldridge

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