Friday, March 4, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate - What's the rush

You know I find it interesting how many people including myself in my younger years just had to download pre-release software. Now I don't see so much of a need to download the software before it is finalised.

For my clients I suggest they wait until the final version has been released as they'll have less issues and the obvious issues will be known and a solution or work around will often be available.

For those with web site, I suggest that they download the software on a spare machine and make sure no changes are required to their site. Unfortunately Internet Explorer 9 won't work on a Windows XP computer so finding a spare test machine is a little harder. I think Microsoft's restricting Internet Explorer 9 to Vista and Windows 7 will cause them to lose even more customers. In the past Microsoft could use the approach to encourage their customers to move to a newer operating system, but I think those days are over and they approach just strengthens their competitors' position.

If you develop software which works with Internet Explorer (I have some neat shortcut scripts and search engines I've developed) then you should check they still work.

For support people such as myself, it is a good idea to grab a copy closer to the release date to become familiar with the software. I've found over the years that downloading and using the final release as soon as it becomes available is often a good way to learn what you need to know and you don't waste time with features which may have been partially implemented or buggy in beta and now fixed in the final release.

For those who simply use Internet Explorer you can save time by waiting until the final release is available for download. Those who create will need to download the release candidate and check their work. Those who provide support can decide whether or not to obtain the release candidate, or grab the final copy and come up to speed before Internet Explorer has had time to propagate out to their clients.

Isn't it interesting how technology has now become more routine for all of us. I think that is a good thing for clients.

Kelvin Eldridge

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