Thursday, March 10, 2011

Internet Explorer 9 release date

The information I’m now reading on the internet indicates Microsoft will be announcing the release of Internet Explorer 9 on the 14th of March at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSWi) in America.

Internet Explorer 9 will only work with Vista and Windows 7 and not with Windows XP. I’d estimate that around 50% of people are still using Windows XP and this will be a thorn in the side for those people including myself. I use Windows XP on a netbook because when I purchased the netbook the other option was Windows Vista and to me the performance would have been substandard. Microsoft’s approach is most likely to encourage users to upgrade to Windows 7 but I think Microsoft is no longer positioned strongly enough for this approach to work. For many people I expect it will alienate them even further towards Microsoft. This doesn’t mean you should rush out and support other browsers as those browsers come with their own limitations and issues. As your computers age you’ll replace them and at that point in time you’ll have access to Internet Explorer 9 if you are a Windows user.


Whilst I won’t be able to start testing Internet Explorer 9 until early April, when I do and when I find issues I’ll post solutions to MyAnswers (

Kelvin Eldridge



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