Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why gadget lights are dangerous.

I read this article about gadget lights not being good for your health and whilst I have some doubts as to the science behind the article, gadget lights may be wealth hazard.

A while ago I decided to check out energy usage around the home and created the Energy Cost Calculator to assist me in working out the cost of the electricity used by appliances. As a result I learnt a lot about where power was being used around the home and now our family of four use the same power as the average single person living alone. Our last bill averaged 8.2kWh per day, which is under half the energy used on average by a family of our size.

Most of the gadget lights around our home are now off and the savings have mounted up. We have halved our electricity usage which means our bill (excluding administration fees) is halved. That's a pretty good saving of nearly $700 a year compared to the average family of four.

Check out the Energy Cost Calculator and start learning how much appliances around your home are costing you. You'll be surprised at how small changes such as only boiling the amount of water needed for your cuppa can shave $30-$40 off your electricity bill a year as compared with filling up the kettle like most people do.

It took us a while to get into the habit of switching off, but now that we have we're better off for it. If you see a gadget light on in your home it may be costing you money which would be better in your pocket than the electricity company. What would you do with an extra $700 in your pocket?

Kelvin Eldridge

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