Monday, January 14, 2013

Alert: Qantas Customer Services - The seat requests have been added

Today I received a number of emails with the subject “The seat requests have been added”. These emails include attachment “your booking” which contains malware. You should delete these emails. Qantas users are a regular target for malware and scammers. Where possible go to the Qantas site and check any information via their site. Do not trust emails which appear to come from Qantas as most are fake.

Kelvin Eldridge
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  1. Any recommendation of a fix if you have fallen for this scam and unzipped the file?

  2. The blog post was an alert for clients to avoid infection. Until a client or new customer infects their computer and I'm asked to repair a computer, I won't know what damage has been done and the best approach to remove the malware and any repairs required.

    After repairing a computer I often document a solution in MyAnswers ( for the benefit of all clients.

    It you're unable to repair the computer yourself contact a computer support person you know and trust and get a fixed price. If you don't have a backup and have files you'd rather not lose, you should also have your data backed up first.

    Kelvin Eldridge


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