Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alert: St.George Internet Banking - Important alert. Highlights Windows 8 Mail app issue

Today I received a scam email with the subject “St.George Internet Banking”. Often I alert people to these scams, but this time I want to alert people to a shortcoming of the Windows 8 Mail app.

One technique I suggest to people is in an email hover over the link (in Outlook) or press and hold on the link (for the an iPhone) and check the underlying link for the web site you’d go to if you clicked on the link. Outlook displays the link address as a pop up message making it very easy to check. On the iPhone pressing and hold on a link opens another screen where you can see the link address. Browsers will often display the link address in the Status area towards the bottom of the screen.

The problem with the Windows 8 Mail app is you can’t see the underlying link. In an ideal world this would be necessary, but unfortunately it isn’t an ideal world and not being able to see the destination for a link in an email is very dangerous for users.

When using the Windows 8 Mail app take extra care not to clink in links in emails.

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