Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Warning: Windows 8 shutdown blanks screen for a considerable time before turning the computer off.

Over the years I’ve seen quite a few clients damage their computer when they turn off their computer, or think they’ve turned  their computer off. A very common situation is when people shut down their computer at the end of the day and then turn the power off.

The problem with the design of Windows 8 is when you shut down your computer the screen goes black and then it takes up to about 15 seconds for the actual power to turn off. During this time because of the black screen, it is very easy to think the computer is off and thus turn off the power. If you turn off the power whilst the computer is in the process of shutting down there is a possibility of damaging your computer. I haven’t yet seen this happen to a Windows 8 computer, but I have seen it happen to many computers in the past.

A second situation is with a notebook computer. When you shut down the computer and the screen goes black you’ll be tempted to close the lid. If the notebook hasn’t shut down and you think it has, you could then end up having the computer in standby mode. Whilst not a major issue in terms of corruption, it could mean the next time you go to use the computer the battery has no power. I did see one person a few years ago who thought they’d shut down their computer, put it in the case, only to many hours later find it was still on and very overheated.

With Windows 8 it is a good idea to get into the habit of waiting for approximately fifteen to thirty seconds before assuming the computer is off after shutting the computer down. Watch the lights on the computer or listen to the computer as it shuts down. The lights and computer noise are good indicators of whether the computer is still on or not.

Personally I would have preferred if Microsoft left a small amount of activity on the screen to let people know the shutdown was still in progress.

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