Monday, February 18, 2013

Adobe Flash Player 11.6 update Chromes users

One of the things I constantly find when assisting clients is they've installed software they don't want or need and they don't generally know how they did it.

There is no need for the Adobe Flash Player 11.6 update to take users to the internet to download and install the update. To me the only reason is that by doing so, users by default download and install Google's Chrome browser. Adobe will most likely receive a small payment for each download so they make money. Users however end up with unnecessary and unwanted software which may cost them much more compared to the small amount Adobe makes on each download.

Adobe makes money on the very expensive software they sell to developers. The free Adobe Flash Player helps by providing a platform for developers with a large base of users. Adobe doesn't need to double dip but they are.

When you download software from the intenet make sure you read all the options and deselect any options you don't want. You'll often find most optons can be deselected. The less you install the faster your computer will run. People often end up buying a new computer whereas a good clean up can often result in the computer running at a more than acceptable speed.

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