Thursday, February 21, 2013

ASIC Connect system does not work under Internet Explorer 10.

I received renewals for my two business names. For over 20 years I've simply paid the renewal and it's done. Now the government has decided that everyone has to use their ASIC Connect system. That means opening an account and then associating the business names with that account.

The first issue I had is the ASIC Connect service system requirements state Internet Explorer 7+, 8+. A bit limiting and the service doesn't work under Internet Explorer 10.

The next issue was one business name didn't have an ASIC key. It didn't matter what I tried. So yes even as a computer consultant I have to contact the help line and wait for a considerable period of time as everyone else does. Even though this is probably a common issue there was no online help which handled the issue. The value to put in the form was for me no explained and a simple example could have made things much easier.

My bigger concern is previously there was little exposure from online scammers. Now we have another government online service where we have to have an online account and that's going to be a future target for phishing attacks.

What was previously a quick payment of a renewal has now become for many something they may have to get their accountants to do at additional cost, consumes more time and opens up an exposure to online scams. Not quite sure if this is something I'd consider as using technology to advance the situation. However I do appreciate there should be cost savings for the government.

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