Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bathroom Renovation design tool

Ever had to do a renovation? You can draw up your plans roughly on paper, but sometimes having a more accurate tool can help produce better results and even cut costs. I'm in the middle of a bathroom renovation and got a call so say the tiles I ordered aren't available in the size I wanted. I can go bigger or smaller.

At this point all those measurements and hand drawn plans seem to just go out the window. Now since I'm a computer consultant the tool I can quickly and easily use is the computer. But what software will I use. I can't use software I don't know as that would take too long. I knew one package I'd used in the past which was free, but then I thought, I can do pretty good things with Microsoft PowerPoint. Yes, PowerPoint!

So I opened up PowerPoint, scaled all my measurements and within a short time I had the floor plan, where the shower was located, and a group of images to represent the tiles which I could move around to check different ways to lay out the tiles. What's interesting is it makes it very easy to determine the number of cuts required as well as the minimum number of tiles required. Add a few extra tiles just in case and the order was placed.

I find that many people know pretty much the minimum they need to know to get their work done, yet if they knew their software a little better they'd be amazed at what else can be done. Sometimes just asking the opinion of an experienced computer person is enough to put you in the right direction.

My approach with the ensuite renovation is what I call DIY+. I do the things I can and those things I can't, or which would require too greater time to learn the skills, I leave to the professionals. I end up saving money and get a great job in the end. To me computers can be treated much the same if you have the right computer consultant. Let the consultant do what they're best at, but don't pay premium prices for things you can do yourself. Although ultimately the approach used is always the client's choice. Some people just want the job done, others want to do it all themselves and others are somewhere in between. Use whatever approach you're most comfortable with.

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