Friday, February 8, 2013

Criminals breaching Australian tax system is a reminder that anything online is potentially at risk.

The following article is a reminder that we should all be careful and vigilant with the information we store online. If the tax department, with all the resources they have available can be breached, then the average person or business has little hope. Everyone needs to determine the risk and trade-offs they need to make with regards to using online systems.

Every Australian taxpayer's taxation information is at risk after criminals infiltrated the taxation system, finding a way to use the personal information of tax agents to log-in to the Tax Agent Portal.... Read More

The problem for the average person or business, is the businesses selling, or even providing for free online services, will not generally make you aware of the risks involved. To do so could put you off using the service and that means the loss of a sale. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the services, it simply means you need to be as informed as possible to make the best possible decision you can at the time.

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