Monday, February 4, 2013

Julie-Ann Wharley - Share The Weight

When I saw an ad on TV tonight about Julie-Ann Wharley and Share The Weight, something didn't quite feel right.

The project is sponsored by Tony Ferguson and to me sponsorship is when an independent third party sponsors another group or individual.

When I checked the domain the registrant is Tony Ferguson. Checking the internet for Julie-Ann Wharley brings up a Julie-Ann Wharley's LinkedIn profile where that person has been working as an account manager at Tony Ferguson Weight Management for three years.

I thought that was interesting.

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  1. It's very interesting Kelvin! I did the same checks too! Pity the media don't report with a level of transparency, they do love a hook though, otherwise it would just be an ad for Tony Ferguson.

    A very cost effective 'campaign' for Tony Ferguson to gather info and leverage their brand.

    On the flip side though if it motivates people to become healthier and lose some weight...

    1. Thanks for your comment. I just checked the Sunrise interview video ( and not a single mention of Tony Ferguson. If this is really a promotional activity of Tony Ferguson, then the credibility of the Sunrise show is completely shot and I will now have no respect for David Koch.

      I hope that I'm wrong, but to me if this is a form of misleading promotional activity it is just wrong.

      I am all for people losing weight if they want to. I worked out the maths behind weight loss and lost 22kg (regained half over a couple of years but still better off) and it does take effort. But it doesn't have to cost a cent. In fact as part of my testing the maths behind weight loss I did no additional exercise. No special meals, no going to the gym, just knowledge and a desire to lose weight. If people were given the knowledge rather than being sold products and services everyone would have a better chance of achieving the weight they want.

      I just hope that I'm wrong and this isn't a thinly veiled advertising campaign for Tony Ferguson.



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