Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nokia 520 release date for Australia not yet known

Nokia has announced their lowest cost Windows Phone 8 mobile phone called the 520. I've found that Australia isn't usually in the first round of countries to get new Nokia mobiles. With the Nokia 900 it took up to six months to reach Australia, and shortly after the mobile was obsolete having the older version of the operating system from Microsoft. More recently the Nokia 620 was a couple of months, so we can probably expect the same with the 520.

What is interesting is Nokia is now providing a considerable range of prices for the consumer from around $1,000 and now down to this mobile, which appears could be priced under $200.

With the lower price some features are removed or have lower specifications compared to the more expensive models, which is to be expected. The main features I've noticed are the lack of a front facing camera and a flash. The screen has a lower resolution and no polarizing filter.

Overall however the specifications indicate a good compromise for the price. I look forward to seeing a unit when it arrives in Australia.

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