Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nokia 620 Australian release date

When Nokia released their Smartphone range in around October 2011 they didn’t start shipping them to Australia until around March 2012 and by June 2012, anyone buying the new Nokia mobiles found they were effectively superseded devices. Microsoft had orphaned the devices as they wouldn’t be able to be upgraded to the Windows 8 Phone operating system. I doubt anyone really wants to know the mobile they bought three months earlier for nearly a thousand dollars was obsolete.

Things appear to have settled down now. Microsoft seem to have their Windows 8 Phone operating system where they want it. Nokia have a number of devices, but what interested me was the budget version of the Nokia 620 I noticed that was launched later in 2012 but not yet mentioned in Australia.

I’m really over spending $600-$800 for a mobile phone which is superseded in six months and if you want to use the latest software and features you need to buy a new handset. With nearly all the smartphones now we simply don’t know when Apple, Google or Microsoft will bring out a new operating system which won’t work on our rather expensive mobile phone. Since there is no certainty the only certainty you have is the choice you make and for me that means spending less to get what I need now.

The Nokia 620 has been announced as part of Stephen Elop’s visit to Australia and will reportedly be available mid-February for $329. The Nokia 620 is now promoted on the Australian Nokia web site as coming soon where you can also read the specifications.

The Nokia 620 is just one of many options for mobile phone buyers.

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UPDATE: The Nokia 620 doesn't have the ability to operate as a Wi-Fi hotspot. For my use this rules this device out.


  1. My 620 does do wi-fi hot spot. It's an imported EU version though, so maybe the Aus version will be different.


    1. Hi Rob,

      Thank you for sharing.

      I can't imagine why Nokia wouldn't have a Wi-Fi hot spot capability. Even a sub $100 Android mobile now has that type of feature.

      It frustrated me when I read the 620 didn't have a Wi-Fi hotspot feature, as it felt like Nokia may be limiting the device to help push their more expensive devices. In the end however it may just be the information I read was wrong.

      It may still be dependent on the Telco as to whether or not they enable the feature, but that's another story.

      Interestingly the UK Nokia site states Wi-Fi hotspot with up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices but with the Australian site that section is blank.

      As soon as I see a Nokia 620 I'll check out the hotspot feature.

      Again thank you.


  2. Hi Kelvin, thank you for that write up about the Nokia 620. I too am looking forward to it and dont want to spend $600-$800 for something that will be outdated in 12 months ... would much rather spend $250--$300 that will get outdated in 12 months. Looking forward to your future review when it gets released here.

  3. Thanks too for sharing your thoughts.


  4. I sent a request for clarification to the Nokia Careline on Monday night. To Nokia's credit they responded within 24 hours. The main point is the following:

    "Please note that we will not be able to know which options has been added or removed in the Australian variant of the phone if it has not been released in Australia yet."

    I think that is fair enough. Most companies don't like to discuss products before they are launched.

    I just checked the Nokia site again just now and the specifications for the Nokia have been updated to include "Wi-Fi hotspot Up to 8 Wi-Fi-enabled devices".

    Short of the Telco disabling this feature it looks like the Nokia 620 does have the Wi-Fi hotspot capability.



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