Monday, February 25, 2013

Petrol Calculator - Calculate the cost of petrol for a given distance.

The Petrol Cost Calculator is now available at Use the calculator to determine the cost of petrol to drive a given distance.

One of the reasons I make calculators such as the Petrol Cost Calculator available, is to show businesses the opportunity available to create a simple internet based calculator. For example businesses can use a calculator to help their users and promote their businesses.

It is possible to make the calculator very specific to a particular mobile device such as the iPhone, but my preference is to write  the calculator to be used by any device including a desktop computer. That way you cover 100% of the market rather than less than 15%. The calculator doesn't have to be installed from an App store where someone else controls what you do, may even reject the app and takes 30% of any profit.

According to an article I read, Steve Jobs initially preferred web apps but someone else pushed for apps on the device and the rest is history. Personally I think web apps for many applications is a better way to go. You remain in control of the app and you can make it independent of a particular device. To me that is the freedom of the internet.
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