Friday, February 8, 2013

"We're sorry... This video format is not supported on this device." - Android tablet and Apple iPhone

Tablets and catch-up TV would appear to be a marriage made in heaven. You should be able to watch catch-up TV on a tablet or mobile device at your convenience, wherever you like, as long as you have access to the internet and appropriate bandwidth. Yet strangely the only devices you can reliably watch all the free-to-air catch-up TV programs isn’t generally a tablet or mobile phone.

The problem is we’ve now entered the era where the internet feels broken a lot of the time. Many companies use Flash to deliver videos and Apple and Android devices typically don’t support Flash. Had Apple not canned Flash on mobile devices and made such a big issue about Flash, we’d probably have a much better internet experience on mobile devices. Whilst the promoted line for not having Flash was performance, had Apple allowed Flash on the iPhone, iPhone and tablet developers could have produced apps for Apple’s devices without having to pay Apple a cent and I can’t help but think that had a lot to do with how things turned out.

The good thing is if you have a Windows computer, whether it is a desktop, notebook, and possibly even a Windows tablet (excluding Windows RT which only plays videos on sites approved by Microsoft) you can watch catch-up TV.

So next time you get the “We’re sorry….” message, just set aside that limited mobile device and grab a device which gives you a better experience on the internet.

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