Friday, March 15, 2013

Google Reader to be closed down on July 1st 2012

Each day I use Google Reader on an iPhone to check the daily news feeds I’m interested. I don’t particularly like Google Reader because I have to log in each time. On a Windows computer I was previously able to subscribe to the feed and that was it. No ads, no Google sitting in between.

The problem is that RSS feeds or News feeds is very good technology, but most people wouldn’t even know it exists. I subscribe to about half a dozen sites and that helps me to keep informed across a number of areas such as technology and current affairs quite quickly each day.

It isn’t a really big deal because once I heard Google Reader was being discontinued I decided to move my newsfeed back to my notebook computer running Windows. Whilst it isn’t as convenient as using my iPhone, it works pretty well and there’s no ads. One of the problems with the iPhone is if I want to go to certain sites the site doesn’t display correctly. Everything just works under Windows.

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