Thursday, March 21, 2013

GPS Coordinates - What are your current GPS coordinates?

A number of times I’ve wanted to obtain my current GPS coordinates. In the past it was pretty easy but now it seems providers seem to be hiding the actual coordinates forcing you to use their software. For those who would like their current GPS coordinates I’ve provided the GPS coordinates too located at You can also find the GPS coordinates tool on the JustLocal site ( Click on the compass icon.

The GPS coordinates tool shows you your current location as a latitude and longitude. The accuracy figure should be under 100 to give you a good location reading. I’ve found using the iPhone 3GS the initial reading can be quite a few kilometres out. Reload the GPS coordinates page a couple of times until you get an accuracy below 100.

One you have your location you can copy and paste the location or you can send the link using email and the link will contain the coordinates. You can also display your current location on a map to check the accuracy. A good technique if you are meeting someone is to email them a link to your location. They can then click on the link and view the map with your current location. When picking up family members this can be very handy. Recently we need to help a stranded family member and this tool would have been very handy to have available at the time.

I hope others find it useful.


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