Thursday, March 21, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 8 core processor.

I was reading up on the Samsung Galaxy S4 8 core processor and I found two quite interesting pieces of information. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with two difference processors. One for the US market (including Canada) not using the 8 core processor, and that only 4 cores are used at a time.

I thought that was very interesting. People will be focused on the speed delivered by an eight core processor but in reality if the information I've read is true, they're only really getting the performance of a four core processor. It appears there are four high performance (requiring higher power) and four lower performance cores. If only lower performance is required the lower performance core is used by if higher performance is required the core is switched to the higher performance. So in effect only one of the two cores are used at a time.

If you're looking at a mobile phone and performance is important to you be careful with the marketing of the number of cores. It is best to find some form of benchmark comparison testing to give you a better guide. I was certainly surprised to find the eight cores were actually being used as four+four cores running in pairs which to me means the highest performance is really the higher performing four cores and not eight.
The second interesting item was the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will contain the 8 core processor but the US market (plus a few other countries) will receive the Snapdragon processor. From what I've read this is because it integrates better with LTE. If this is correct those looking to use LTE should try to determine if the processor matters to them.

This is the first time I've seen a single device marketed to different regions with different processors and to me that is quite unusual and not something that I as a consumer would have expected.

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