Monday, June 24, 2013

Alert: Qantas Booking reference 47648830 - Seat Select Fee Receipt

Over the last hour I've received five fake Qantas emails for seat selection fee receipts. The booking reference number changes and may be randomly generated. Attached is a zip file with what looks like a randomly generated filename.

If you receive these emails you should delete them.

As a matter of course when I see multiple suspicious emails I use an online scanner to check the attachments so as to advise others to be on their guard. In this case 13 of 47 antivirus programs identified the malware, which also means quite a few antivirus programs didn't and the one which concerns me is Microsoft's Windows Defender which comes as part of Windows 8. If Microsoft want to include antivirus software as part of the operating they have to be up there with the best and not just one of the pack.

Ultimately you are your own best defence against malware and other scams. I'd suggest if you do receive an attachment and have any doubt whatsoever, even from someone you know, then take the time to scan the attachment. In MyAnswers solution 2293 I provide the site I use to check suspicious email attachments and in most cases the site has been very good. The site shows just how often the leading antivirus programs would leave you totally exposed.

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