Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alert: Vodafone MMS notification ID746753

I received couple of fake emails with the subject being 'Vodafone MMS notification ID746753' or similar. Attached was a zip file 'image'. Contained in the zip file was the file 'image DRJT4D45AS.jpeg.exe'.

The attachment contains malware and you should delete these emails. You'll also notice the filename of the contained file is 'image DRJT4D45AS.jpeg.exe'. For those who do not display the filename extension they'll see 'image DRJT4D45AS.jpeg', and may think the file is an image file and attempt to open the file. Opening the file will most likely run a malicious program.

I suggest that people turn on the option to view filename extensions in Windows to help them identify malicious files.

You should delete these emails.

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