Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Digg Reader and Facebook Reader to launch soon to replace Google Reader which ends July 1st 2013

You know I've never really been a fan of Google Reader for one reason. In order to use Google Reader you needed to log on. To me that doesn't quite make sense. It feels like another lock in from Google. News feeds are open for anyone to read. All you need is the software installed. So why the need to log on. In this case Google needs to store your feed information somewhere. But if you install an app or software into your computer or device there is no reason to log on.

Check out Windows Live Mail which comes with a built-in Feeds section which enables you to read RSS feeds. Outlook does the same. Simply subscribe to a feed and you receive the news items. No need to log into anything or any service.

Google is dumping Google Reader which means the effort for the return isn't there for them. This often means tens of millions of users get dumped. In this age of global services tens of millions of users is too small to worry about. This creates opportunity for others. Digg and Facebook are both bringing out Readers but I suspect both will require you to log in.

Personally I'd prefer to use a service that doesn't require me to log in if there is no need to log in. Perhaps look at some of the software you already have available to you (free or commercial) and see if the readers will suit your needs before signing up for yet another service which will collect data on you.

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