Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is Google's $100 credit for Google adwords when you spend $25 worth anything?

For Google this is a no lose situation whereas for you, you could lose $25 and the time you spend in using their adwords. The worst case scenario is you earn nothing and Google gets $25 from you. If Google makes this offer to millions of past adwords users this can easily generate Google tens of millions of dollars with no real gain to the user.

Given I've used adwords a number of times without any return I thought perhaps I'd give it one more chance. I know how to be quite specific with the terms I use and whilst it is a long shot, there is a slim chance I might now know enough for Google's $100 credit to pay off. I'm happy to pay for advertising if it works, but so far it hasn't and the one reason I created my own advertising service which does work for me and others.

So here goes. I'll take Google up on their offer and once the $125 is spent I'll then provide the result as a MyAnswers solution which others can learn from. I'll also provide details of how I advertised, that is my strategy and why I used that strategy.

Business isn't about long shots. Business is about making informed decisions and getting a return on investment. If you want to take a long shot go to the casino. My experience will hopefully turn a long shot into a sure bet, or at worst, will be an experience where people can learn from my experience and save their money.

If you are interested in the results of my testing I've written up my notes in MyAnswers solution 2361 which is available from the site

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