Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alert: ANZ - ONLINE - LOCKED OUT (03) 8400 4610

Similar to the scam email I received last week with a New South Wales number, today the email had a Victorian number. The following is the text of the message.

Your online account will be limited. Please call our office immediately at: (03) 8400 4610 to restore your access! Thank you.

The country of origin of the email was Spain. The email had a faked Australian email address.

It does make me wonder how scammers get the telephone numbers and what the telcos are doing about it. I know when I reported scammers calling on my Optus telephone line Optus wasn't interested. These scams can only occur with the services provided by the telcos and if the telcos aren't prepared to do anything about it they should be held accountable.

You should delete these emails.

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