Thursday, July 4, 2013

Alert: Kindly Review The Attached Document !!!

Today I reviewed an email the person had received from a friend. The email appeared to have also been sent to a large number of their friend's contacts as well.

The subject contained "Kindly Review The Attached Document !!!" and the body was as follows:
"Please view the document I uploaded for you using Google docs. Click here to view <URL REMOVED> , I have to attach it in the message body due to the content....All email account work with Google Docs."

Clicking on the link would have taken a person to a fake log on screen designed to trick people into thinking they were logging on to a Google service. The intent most likely being to trick people into providing their Gmail username and password.

If you receive such an email you should delete it.

If you've found that your contacts let you know that you've sent them such an email it is likely your Gmail account has been hacked either currently or in the past. The contacts reviewed in this case indicate it would have been the sender's contact list. Change your Gmail password and if you use the same password elsewhere, change the password everywhere you use it. It is good practice not to use the same password across different services. Also send a follow up email to your contacts advising them that if they did receive such an email from you it was a fake. If they did provide their username and password details they should also take the action mentioned above.

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