Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alert: Re: Attn: Domain Notification - Expiration Notice

Every now and again I receive domain notices via email where the company issuing them isn’t a company I’m dealing with and in fact, if you read the notice carefully it is even difficult to tell who the notice is from. However the notice has one intent. To scare the domain holder into thinking their domain is about to expire.

As a matter of practice I recommend to clients to forward all notices to me to review because in the past clients have been concerned. This approach stops them making the mistake I’ve seen of others. Transferring their domains to a company they’ve never dealt with who charge them extra. In effect they’ve been hoodwinked.

If you receive any domain notification don’t act on the notification. Visit the site of your domain registrar and check the details for yourself. In this case I was being advised of a domain that had just expired when in actual fact them domain isn’t up for renewal until March 2014.

It amazes me that every day we are literally being attacked via the internet and no one seems to want to do anything about it. In this case the domain registrar who hosts the domain where the link would go to is in America. This is a scam and it would take seconds for the domain registrar to block the domain to ensure people aren’t scammed. Somehow they seem to take no responsibility even though their services make these scams possible. I believe technology already exists that could assist many people avoid scams but it will only happen when the will is there.

If you receive a domain renewal notification don’t trust it. Open your browser and go to the site where you registered your domain and check the details for your domain. Then if it needs to be renewed use the site to renew the domain.

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