Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Business Works in Camberwell using blog spamming to promote their business.

Whatever you do don't use low cost overseas organisation to blog spam to promote your business. Today I received a comment on my blog from Business Works which was obviously not written by a native English speaking person so I decided to investigate.

Business Works is located in Camberwell so whilst it is possible with our multicultural society that someone in their business is making a legitimate post on another companies blog, it isn't likely. I'm all for legitimate posts but when the sole aim is to add links back to a site to promote themselves I do not call this ethical and honourable behaviour which Business Works claim on their site is important to them.

So how can you tell if it is blog spam. The IP address for the person who wrote the post. In this case the IP address was, which is based in Pakistan. It is fairly obvious that Business Works has outsourced their blog spamming to a business located in Pakistan.

Don't make this mistake for your business. All those SEO emails you get every day are spam. If you fall into the trap of using a spammer then chances are you'll pay once for them to spam on your behalf and a second time when it damages your business reputation.

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  1. I would like to add that normally those commends does't come from a person, it's a software who create ramdon commends scraping the interent and later posting where they can see is possible to port. what they are trying to get is a backlink to their website to improve rating and get better position in Google the practice is also better know as BLACKHAT tricks

    1. Thanks Matthew. I suspect you're right in they're not being posted by a person, but the only reason they get posted is a person has in the first place paid for a service to promote their business.

      I don't believe ethical businesses wouldn't use this approach to promote their business. One business owner I spoke to apologised and blamed their website developer. In business the buck stops with the business paying for the service. Blog spam would stop tomorrow if people didn't pay for it for their own personal gain.

      Thanks for posting your thoughts.



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