Monday, July 22, 2013

Should parents who let their children rack up charges on the Apple store be responsible?

There is no doubt that many people are racking up avoidable amounts on their mobile phones and Apple’s app store. Some of this is due to the way the systems work and lack of knowledge, but often taking simple precautions can completely remove the chance of such an incident happening.

Apple refunds dad $6,000 iPad bill racked up by 8-year-old... Read More

There is a very simple answer to stop inadvertent charging on Apple’s app store. Remove your credit card details. Then even if a child uses a parent’s iPhone or iPad there can’t be any charges if credit card details aren’t stored with the account.

The owners of app stores want you to have your credit card details registered to make impulse buying easy and make money. Remove your credit card details and only enter the details when you want to purchase something and the problem is solved.

In MyAnswers solution 2287 I share how I removed my credit card details off the Apple app store.

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