Thursday, August 22, 2013

Porn users tricked in cyber extortion is a reminder to all of us, our webcams can capture any of us at any time.

Whilst I may hear cries “that porn doesn’t apply to me as I don’t watch porn”, the reality is porn users were the target market in this case but it could just as easily be any computer with a webcam.

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It has always concerned me that a webcam is installed in most notebook computers. I have one and I suspect you will as well. That means the webcam is pointed at me right now and potentially could be seeing me and what is around me at any point in time.

We’ve seen how the police used this feature to gather evidence on one of their own, but really what is to stop a malicious software writer from infecting your computer with software that uses your webcam without you realising. Earlier webcams had a cover which you could slide across ensuring such software could not see anything, but modern notebooks have no such cover.

I was thinking what is the easier way to cover the webcam and the idea I came up was a cut down bandaid. That is cut the sticky pieces a little shorter and then the fabric can be placed over the webcam and the bandaid stuck down on either side. The camera lens doesn’t get sticky glue on it and removing the bandaid is quite easy.

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