Thursday, August 8, 2013

Weight Loss Maths is a site which uses a low cost approach

The Weight Loss Maths site is now live. The Weight Loss Maths site serves two purposes. The first is to share what I've learnt about the maths of dieting and to share that information with others. The second purpose is it provides a live site which can demonstrate how to build a presence on the internet for very low cost.

The total cost (excluding time) for the site, including the domain name, which is registered for two years, is $19.98. Yes, effectively the price is under $10 a year.

My approach as an IT Consultant is to help people build a presence on the internet and enable the client to be part of the process as much or as little as they wish. Some people like to be fully involved and take over their site, whilst others just want it done. Ultimately the approach used is up to the client. By working with clients, clients remain in control of their site and their domain. Many businesses keep control over a client's site and domain which means customer loses control. The customer is then tied into the supplier's business. My approach is to assist clients when needed, and if a client for some reason wishes to go somewhere else (I hope that they don't), then it is their choice.

To build a site like Weight Loss Maths, including registering the domain, you should allow around two to three hours of time. Part of the time is training on how to post articles to the site. When something is required in the future which is beyond the skill of the client, I'm available to assist.
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