Thursday, September 5, 2013

Toshiba announced 8" Windows 8.1 Encore tablet at IFA in Berlin.

I’ve been looking forward to the new smaller 8” tablets which will come out later this year. Intel have released their faster Atom processor and Microsoft has released Windows 8.1 to manufacturers. This is now a good combination, although it has taken some time to get there.

All-new Encore Tablet With an 8-inch Multi-touch Display and Intel Atom Processor Delivers Fast, Full-screen Web Browsing, Best-in-class Skype Experience, Xbox Second-screen Capabilities and Much More... Read More

Toshiba won’t be the only company releasing 8” tablets this year. The Encore however does have relatively good specs from what I’ve read. Acer did bring the first 8” Windows tablet to market but the reviews of the screen quality weren’t good. Also the Acer didn’t include the new Atom processor or Windows 8.1. I’ve read Acer will be re-releasing the product with updated features.

I’ve not been totally happy with Windows 8 tablets for a range of reasons. First I simply dismiss Windows RT tablets since if you’re going to buy a tablet that is not fully compatible with Windows you might as well consider all the options including iPads and Android tablets. Microsoft’s Surface Pro doesn’t include GPS which I think is a basic requirement for a mobile device. The Surface Pro is a tablet with a fan and five hours of battery life with a high price tag just doesn’t feel like a winner. Current tablets using the Atom processor concern me with regards to performance. Whilst the Encore is still an Atom processor the performance has doubled. I expect it will still be sluggish, but hopefully it will be acceptable.

My only concern with the Encore tablet that I’ve identified is the 32GB of installed memory. I’d prefer 64GB and the ability to add another 32/64GB using the microSD slot. Having said that, there may be ways to work around the limited storage.

I like that there is a micro HDMI connector, and as I mentioned, the GPS sensor. What I do wonder about is the battery life since it isn’t mentioned.

It will be good once all the main players have their devices released. Pricing will matter as I’ve noticed some suppliers charge a premium for Australians so hopefully competition will keep that premium in check.  

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