Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Windows Vista Internet Explorer 9 users will soon get the short shrift from Google apps.

Whilst I haven't noticed anything in the press with regards to Windows Vista users, Google has a policy of only supporting two versions of a browser. The current version and the previous version. Windows XP users already know how they were dumped by Google applications if they were using Internet Explorer 8, which is the latest version of Internet Explorer available to XP users.

Windows Vista is soon to be in the exact same position. Windows Vista can only use up to Internet Explorer 9. Internet Explorer 10 was not made available for Windows Vista.

Microsoft will soon release Windows 8.1 and with the new release of Windows will come Internet Explorer 11. That means Google applications will stop supporting Internet Explorer for Vista users as well.

Microsoft are doing a great job of playing into the hands of Google, because Windows XP users, and soon Windows Vista users, will find it easier to switch to Google Chrome than to put up with the constant nagging by Google that they have an unsupported browser. And let's face it, given that Microsoft doesn't appear to care about 30-40% of their users and are prepared to walk away from them, why should users remain loyal to Microsoft.

If you're using Internet Explorer 8 or 9, now is a good time to start reviewing your browser options. Opera is pretty much dead in the water since deciding to move to Google's codebase and produced what could only be described as the most basic and barren browser you could find. Apple has stopped developing Safari for windows, so even though you can install it, I would recommend against it. Firefox is an option, but since Google Chrome has become the leading browser in many countries, Google Chrome for most users will be the easier decision.

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