Friday, November 8, 2013

Google Blogger error message - Possible problem with your *.gwt.xml module file.

Recently I updated my notebook to run Windows 8.1, and today when accessing Blogger I received the following message and found Internet Explorer didn't work properly. I suspect the reason is that since Windows 8.1 now contains Internet Explorer 11, Google hasn't updated their Blogger code at this point to correctly handle Internet Explorer 11. Some may think this is perhaps by design. The more Google makes it difficult for users to use Internet Explorer the more likely people are to convert to Google Chrome. However it isn't just Google sites, I'm also having trouble with other sites.

The following is the error message I receive when accessing Blogger.

To get around this problem the easiest approach if you've already updated to Windows 8.1 and thus Internet Explorer 11 is to install and use Chrome when required. By only using Chrome when required you minimise Google tracking your activities.

If you haven't yet updated to Windows 8.1, perhaps wait a while until more bugs have been identified and rectified by Microsoft.

Kelvin Eldridge 


  1. I faced exactly the same problem while accessing my BlogSpot blog. its a pity that Microsoft didn't bother to streamline their browser with atleast the most used websites in he world

  2. Hi Amjad,

    I understand how you feel. Whether we can blame Microsoft is a tough call. Yes they could test and adjust, but what if the problem is Google's coding. Is that fair on Microsoft?

    I use quite a few of Google's products and I find their programs to be fairly flaky. I was disappointed I couldn't use Blogger/Safari on an iPhone, but very disappointed to find I couldn't use Blogger on an Android 4.1 tablet

    No software is perfect and with there being so many combinations of devices and operating systems now, I'm finding I have to regularly switch between devices, browsers and operating systems to do things that would have simply worked in the past.

    The good thing is I just retested Blogger with IE 11 and the error message no longer appears, so all is well in the Blogger world.

    Thanks for taking the time to write.


  3. Update.

    I noticed this error message does not appear when typing the Blogger address into Internet Explorer. 11. The error occurs when I access Blogger using a script on my site.

    The would indicate the problem is not with Internet Explorer 11 but with how Google is handling redirection via a website.


  4. Has anyone ever found out how to really fix this? I had this last year and then it jus went away. Somebody fix it. I don't know what they are doing. Do they?

    1. The problem will probably just disappear when Google updates their code and occur again when a new release of a browser occurs they hadn't planned for.


  5. Yours was the closes to a real answer. It's drag to use as is, but we could be patient. Thanks.

  6. Today I found this issue frustrating. I'd installed Windows 7 as a guest client on a MacBook Air for testing. With limited space I didn't want to install an unnecessary browser (or exit back to OS X and Safari), but unfortunately that appears to be the only option until Google gets around to fixing Blogger.

    It is interesting how Google is quick to dump support for Internet Explorer 8 users (which encourages people to move to Google Chrome) and then equally doesn't move quickly to support Internet Explorer 11 with their own services (which again encourages people to install Google Chrome). Perhaps I'm a tad cynical.

    I decided to install Opera, and whilst I may be deluding myself, I feel using Firefox, which is nearly entirely funded by Google, or Google Chrome, is just accepting the poor service by Google. Opera works with Blogger and this problem is not present when using Opera.



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