Friday, January 24, 2014

Alert: Filezilla corrupting graphics files uploaded to the internet

I've been a user of Filezilla for quite some time. Today however something strange happened. I used Filezilla to upload a graphic file (PNG) and only part of the image displayed correctly. Thinking it may be the way the file was created, I re-edited the file a number of times, even using different image programs. The result was the same. The file looked OK on the computer but when uploaded for use in a web page, the web page did not display the image correctly.

I then decided to try Windows's built-in FTP client and once I'd uploaded the image, the web page displayed as it should have. To me this is a concern. I've not changed the version of Filezilla for some time so it simply doesn't make sense. By removing Filezilla out of the process everything worked.

Because this issue wasted perhaps an hour and a half of time I thought I'd pass the tip on to others. If you find your images look OK on your computer, but aren't displaying correctly when uploaded using Filezilla, then try a different upload tool. 

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