Saturday, January 11, 2014

Suzy Lopez from Mobile Computer Geeks blog spamming to generate business.

When dealing with a computer support person or group you are often trusting your business or private information to the business when you require support or computer repair. If a computer business is using suspect business practices to promote their business then you should steer clear of them. Suzy Lopez from Mobile Computer Geeks just added the following to my blog. I removed the link so others don't visit their site.

Hello Kelvin.
I always try to keep myself updated regarding to the computer issues. Your blog will help me a lot in computer repair.
<link promoting their site removed>.

The post on my blog does not contain usable information and simply provides a link to a MyAnswers solution I make available for clients.

Computer businesses know more than anyone what they are doing is unprofessional and wrong when they simply write comments on another business' blog to promote their own business. If businesses like Mobile Computer Geeks use questionable businesses practices for self promotion, then you should question their integrity and avoid them. Before using a computer business, perform a search using Google and see if they've been blog spamming to promote their business. Blog spamming is a good indication they are not a professionally run business.

Kelvin Eldridge
Ph: 0415 910 703

PS. You may also wish to check any links or images of the person posting the blog spam. In this case the photo wasn't of the person but one which can be found on many sites across the internet, so in all probability not the actual person. Legitimate businesses don't use photos of others to promote themselves. Also the Google+ profile contains no other information. Again another indication it isn't legitimate and just blog spamming.

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