Friday, January 17, 2014

TyrePower loses potential business as a result of their website.

Tonight I was checking online sites for tyres. Tomorrow I'll make a purchase. A pretty common exercise I'd say for most of us.

However what surprised me was the following screen.

When a website doesn't work there goes the business, in this case, around $500 worth of potential business.

When computers fail in the office it is a pain and often inconvenient. But when your online presence fails you  lose actual or potential business. Joomla is the software in this case which is free. But perhaps the question is free at what cost. I like free software but nearly all free software I've used I've had to accept much bigger compromises than commercial software. Often the savings on free software far exceed the time spent working around issues.

The question then is, is your free software costing you real money?

Kelvin Eldridge
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PS. I don't sell software or hardware. I've used and recommend plenty of free open source software over the years, but in the end, nearly all of the free software ended up being replaced by commercial software. Interesting!

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