Monday, February 3, 2014

Can you make money completing online surveys?

At the end of Tuesday I come to the conclusion of my four week trial of online survey sites. Once the trial is over I'll document the results of the survey and make the results available via the MyAnswers service.

The aim of the study was to determine how much you could make performing online surveys. Those promoting online surveys often promote $50-$80 for your effort to complete a survey. They of course don't mention how long it will take to do such a survey, or even whether or not you'll get paid.

I signed up for 18 online survey sites. Some are complete duds, whilst one returns just under $10 an hour for you efforts. Most pay around $3-$4 an hour.

Some may thing this is a waste of time, but others may consider sitting at home performing surveys where there is little overhead, a good option to generate some extra income. For example I believe based on the figures to date, completing online surveys could generate around $1,500 or more in cash and gift card rewards. That's a bonus that could certainly help in tough times.

In addition I believe it may be possible to generate up to another $200-$300 as a one-off bonus taking advantage of a feature of a number of the survey sites.

The results of the study aim to share:

1. Which online survey sites to avoid
2. Which online survey sites paid the most
3. The average one can expect from participating in online surveys
4. Some tips to help improve the return on your time.

If you're interested in completing an online survey and gaining some extra cash contact me and I'll contact you when the results of my study are complete.

As a point of interest I decided to ask myself a question. When I just want to pass time I play solitaire on my mobile phone. Had I done surveys instead to pass the time I estimate I could have made $3,125. In hindsight I know what I should have been doing.

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